Maker Faire Brighton 2013 Live Blogging

11.30am The doors have been open for an hour and a half and we’re now in full swing, with punters exploring all the amazing exhibits the Corn Exchange, Foyer Bar and Mezzanine. For us it’s already been a long day – the organisers and volunteers have been setting up since 6am! As is traditional at Brighton Maker Faire, visitors are being chased by a dalek, who is this year accompanied by some rather unnerving robot traffic cones, and there’s a hum of whizzy, whirry, jangly noises eminating from every space.

The mini conference is also underway, and I’ve just heard that Maggie Philbin (of Tomorrow’s World and Bang Goes The Theory fame) has entered the building. This has caused much excitement amongst the crew, who are all huge fans. She’ll be chairing a debate at 1pm on Making for Social Good, and I’m *hoping* to interview her afterwards, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here’s a lovely photo of a little girl making fruit light up – as you do at Maker Faire.

15.00 I’ve just come out of the mini conference in the Founders Room, and was lucky enough to speak to Maggie Philbin who chaired the debate on Making for Social Good. Maggie told me a bit about what went on in the debate, and her passion for helping young people discover their potential through her Teen Tech project. Have a listen to the podcast here:

Earlier I spoke with Chanchala from Irregular as Clockwork, who told me about her steampunk jewellery, and the 3D printed clock she and her husband have brought to the Faire…

Upstairs in the Mezzanine, there’s some great toy hacking going on:

16.00 Just an hour and a half to go, and things are slowly starting to calm down a bit out there. I was able to make it through the crowds to talk to a few more makers, including Paul from Reading Hackspace, Ewan from W.A.F.E. Formation, Dominic from Nottingham Hackspace and inventor and author Mike Cook. Have a listen to the podcasts to find out what we talked about…

And here’s a picture of Samuel showing some kids his Bacteria Robot – a rather hypnotic invention…

18.30 It’s all over for the main exhibition, but come back tomorrow for the workshops!

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It’s Tomorrow! 24 Hours to Go Until #BMMF2013

It’s the day before Brighton Maker Faire, but to us it may as well be Christmas Eve. As always, after months of preparation and anticipation, when the day finally comes along, there’s something totally surreal and magical about it all. Just like children poking the stocking at the end of their bed with their toes, we’ve been eagerly reading all the makers’ tweets and blog posts about their preparations, keen to discover what amazing and outlandish toys we can unwrap to play with tomorrow. And you’d better believe we’ll be up at the crack of dawn, searching for those metaphorical chocolate coins.

But just like Christmas, the biggest joy of the occasion is in the giving of joy to others, and so we invite you to share in our excitement and get a cheeky preview of some of the makerly delights in store for you over the weekend…

The Essential Info

Saturday: The main interactive exhibition is on Saturday from 10am-5pm. This takes place across the Corn Exchange and Dome Foyer bar, and you can still buy tickets on the door (but you might have to queue). Adult tickets are £5, but under 16s get in for free. Cash only.

You’ll be able to explore all manner of projects and inventions, chat to makers, take part in mini workshops throughout the day, and come along to hear some of our illustrious speakers – including Maggie Philbin and Bill Thompson – in the mini conference. Highlights to look out for include Agnes Roboknit the life sized knitting robot, Break the Mould – a 3D body scanner installation, The Mini Patisserie – where you can design and decorate your own foodie charm, Fen&Co’s leathercraft demonstrations, and Mon Violin D’Ingres – where you can play music with the human body.

These are but a few of the treats that are lined up, and we strongly encourage you to come early so that you can explore everything, get involved, ask questions and have time to try making plenty of things along the way. Maker Faire is very much about getting hands-on, so don’t be backwards in coming forward. There is plenty to entertain all ages, but if you’re struggling to get to grips with some of the more technical makes, our Educational Interpreters will be on hand to help explain things.

We’d love to hear all about your experiences from the day, so please tweet us @MakerFaireBTN #BMMF2013 or post to our Facebook page .

Sunday: The second day of Maker Faire is purely a series of workshops for those who want to dig a bit deeper into a particular skill or project. These include Design Modelling, Felt Making, Wearable Electronics and Portable Soundsystems. This will all be taking place in the Dome Foyer Bar, and you’ll need to book tickets in advance – which you can do online here, or via the information desk at the Saturday event.

All that remains is to wish you a very happy Makermas and to give you a peek at some of the preparations that have been going on behind the scenes to help make this the biggest, sparkliest Brighton Mini Maker Faire yet. Enjoy…

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Meet the Maker: Lewis Sykes

Meet Lewis Sykes, creator of the Augmented Tonoscope, which you can see at the interactive exhibition on Saturday 7th September at the Corn Exchange. Lewis will also be running a workshop on Sunday 8th September, exploring the science of sound and showing you how to create your own cymatic device.

What kind of maker are you?
I’m a media artist and musician, currently in the final year of a PhD at Manchester Met. I make physical artworks and instruments that explore the relationship between sound and vision.

When, why and how did you start making?
Up until 2008 I’d mostly been an audiovisual composer and performer – though I’d configured my own performance systems using commercial hardware and software and integrated a few additional sensors into my setup. I started to make seriously as Monomatic with Nick Rothwell when we won a commission for an interactive installation for Sound and Music’s Expo 2009 Festival in Leeds. We designed and built PEAL – a digital, laser-controlled installation which models a traditional English church bell tower.

What project or workshop are you bringing to this year’s Faire?
Various components from my PhD project, The Augmented Tonoscope. It’s a modular audiovisual instrument for creating real-time audiovisuals – mixing analogue and digital outputs together to explore how sound can combine and interplay with moving image to create a close connection between what you hear and what you see.

Have you been to a Maker Faire before, and if so, what was it like?
I was a BMMF last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Really well organised, a great vibe and lots of interesting projects. I’ve also shown past work at the Maker Faire in Newcastle in March 2012 and the Manchester Mini Maker Faire in August 12.

What can people do at your stand? How can they get involved?
For the Faire I’ll be bringing along various components of my instrument which people can see in action and have a go at playing with themselves. I use a monome – a controller with a grid of 64 buttons – to trigger musical notes which are then visualised as geometric patterns on the surface of my device’s drum-skin and as computer animations on a monitor. For my ‘Cymatics – the Science of Sound’ workshop I’ll be introducing folk to the various equipment, materials and techniques – all easily accessible and easy to configure – that will allow them to explore Cymatics – the study of visible sound – for themselves.

What is the main thing you’d like people to learn from you at Maker Faire?
That making is a natural part of trying to realise creative ideas – and that the tools, techniques and knowledge you need are freely available. I integrate making into my PhD research, but it’s appropriate for all levels and a great way for anyone to explore and play and share what they do with others.

Is it something they will be able to keep doing at home afterwards?
For sure. By the end of my workshop participants will have constructed different Cymatic devices – ideally using their own old speakers, amplifiers and smart phones – which they can continue to play with back home on their own kitchen tables.

What’s the most interesting or surprising thing about your make?
The patterns that form on the drum-skin surface of my device are the result of a natural phenomenon that is usually hidden from view. It is sound in visual form. Hopefully this goes some way to capture the imagination and inspire a sense of awe and wonder in the world around us.

What other makers have inspired you?
One of my first Arduino projects was a basic synthesiser – the Auduino – originally designed by Tinker – a multi-disciplinary design studio based in London. I really liked the way this simple starting point turned into a community of Auduino makers who each customised the device evolving the design of the project and sharing these tweaks back with the community. I’m also inspired by and indebted to Mike Cook – Grumpy Mike as he’s monikered on the Arduino forum – who shares his expert electrical engineering and fabrication knowledge and skills so generously.

Can the maker culture change the world?
In small but I think potentially significant ways. Becoming a maker shifts your perspective from consumer to producer – and that’s got to be worthwhile. If more people share their ideas, knowledge and skills freely we’ll all have more solutions to creative problems. I also think making has real potential for creating viable alternative micro-economies – is a great example of this – a creative product that attracts an active community of users who help support and shape future development.

What are you most looking forward to about the Faire?
The vibe, the crowds, the really interesting conversations, the unexpected ;-) And to performing at the After Dark event – it’s been a little while since I’ve been on stage.

Where/how can people find out more about you?
My various websites (although they’re all in need of updating – sorry):
My online PhD journal:
My PhD digital sketchbook:
Monomatic, my current art collaboration:


Book tickets for the Saturday exhibition or Sunday workshops here:

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Meet the Maker: Chanchala Ariyaratne

In the first of our ‘Meet the Maker’ previews, we talk to steampunk jewellery maker and general tinkerer, Chanchala Ariyaratne. Chanchala and her husband Rob will bring a new project, Irregular As Clockwork, to Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013.

What kind of maker are you?
We’re two makers – Rob (my husband) & Chanchala (me!). We love making fun stuff and love to spend our free time (which is very limited) making interesting and quirky things! I run a small craft business through which I sell my handmade jewellery, accessories & homewares (very Steampunk inspired & incorporating broken & upcycled materials). Rob has very little time for making but he’s made some crazy robots and we’ve been inspired by previous Mini Maker Faires, and been lucky enough to participate as Makers.

I’m basically the kind of Maker who would take my Dremel on holiday with me if it fitted in my suitcase. Rob’s making mostly involves computer modeling and programming, so it’s a little more portable!

What project or workshop are you bringing to this year’s Faire?
Our project this year is ‘Irregular as Clockwork’. I make clockwork (Steampunk-inspired) jewellery and Rob’s always wanted to make a clock from scratch. So we decided to take the leap and have a go at making our own home-made clock and our project relates to our attempts.

Have you been to a Maker Faire before, and if so, what was it like?
We’ve been to the last two Brighton Maker Faires. The first as visitors and last year as Makers. We found it to be buzzing with energy and inspiring. As Makers last year, I ran an Etch-a-Sketch project and Rob had a robotic arm playing a Xylophone and a computer you could play 4-in-a-row with. I loved meeting so many people on the day and inspiring them to try out some simple copper etching at home. I’ve kept in contact with many of them. It was one of the best (and most satisfyingly tiring!) days of 2012!

What can people do at your stand? How can they get involved?
We will have the workings of a mechanical clock which we have designed and 3D printed. The whole project is about the inner workings of clockwork – there will be a computer simulator for you to play with and learn a little of the basics behind the fascinating “clockwork”. As not everyone has a 3D printer or the time to make their own clock from scratch, I’m also hoping to inspire them to make desk/wall clocks using simple and readily available Quartz movements.

What is the main thing you’d like people to learn from you at Maker Faire?
I’d love them to catch our passion for making and hopefully to start appreciating the workmanship and skill that went into those wonderful antique clocks out there.

Is it something they will be able to keep doing at home afterwards?
Certainly! The 3-D printing may have to be done through an online 3rd party but they could take away the principles and have a go at making their own mechanical clock. They can certainly make the Quartz movement clocks which I will demo how to make.

Can the maker culture change the world?
In a world full of mass produced stuff that is mostly unnecessary, it’s great to take time out and make something from scratch and realise both the joy in it and the quality that is achievable, especially if you’re willing to learn and persevere. I think in general we’re returning to an appreciation of ‘handmade’ and Artisan skills which were a little over-looked in the last few decades. This is particularly evident with the success of sites like Etsy and Folksy – both communities I’m proud to be a part of.

What are you most looking forward to about the Faire?
Playing with and learning from all of the other projects when we get some free time from our own!

Where/how can people find out more about you?
My website is and you can also follow me on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter


Chanchala and Rob will be showing their project on Saturday 7th September in the Corn Exchange. Book your tickets in advance at:

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Meet the Sponsors: School of Education at the University of Brighton

One of the things we want to do at Brighton Mini Maker Faire is maker more makers. We love it when kids, parents, teachers, schools and other educational institutions get involved. So this year, we’re chuffed to have a new sponsor, the School of Education at the University of Brighton. Over to Jo to introduce themselves.

The School of Education at the University of Brighton is delighted to sponsor the Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013. We are widely recognised for the quality of our initial teacher training, continuing professional development and research opportunities in education. We work closely with over 450 schools and colleges and a number of professional bodies, and according to the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted, 2010), we are one of the outstanding institutions in the country for the study of education. In the recent National Student Survey results (NSS 2013), the University of Brighton maintained its high position of overall student satisfaction.

As one of the largest leading providers of initial teacher training, we offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that enable our students to train to teach across all age phases and subjects:

  • Primary (3-11 years)
  • Keystage 2/3 (7-14 years)
  • Secondary (11-18 years): art and design, biology, chemistry, computer science, dance, design and technology, English, geography, modern foreign languages, physics, physics with Mathematics, physical education and religious studies
  • Further education

Come and meet us at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013. During this event you will be able to chat to our tutors, current and former students, and try out high tech equipment from our workshops (including 3D printers and robots).

Find out more about the School of Education on the web or on Twitter.

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Win Tickets to Brighton Maker Faire with our Sponsors, Create

Guest post by Create

Brighton Mini Maker Faire sponsor Create is excited to launch a crafty competition ‘Look What I Made’, to get kids making, creating, drawing, building, inventing and having fun in August!

What you can win

Create has five pairs of tickets to Brighton Mini Maker Faire, five sets of 50 free business cards from Moo and one full year’s subscription to Create’s website builder up for grabs.

How to enter

Here’s what you need to do to stand a chance of winning this fun competition:

1) Take a photograph of your child with something awesome they’ve made. It could be a picture, a model, a contraption, even a fort! High-resolution photos are best.

2) Send an email to [email protected] with the photo attached, including the child’s name, their age, where you are from and a description of the creation in the picture.

3) Create will be putting together a gallery of the creations received at its Facebook page and will send you an email with a link to the photo on Facebook. If you ‘Like’ Create on Facebook you’ll be among the first to see updates on the competition!

4) Promote your Facebook photo as much as possible! ‘Like’ it, comment on it, share it, tweet it, tell everyone you know! To get some extra reach, just add the hashtag #LookWhatIMade and don’t forget to tag @create and @MakerFaireBTN.

5) When the competition closes at 23:59 on Monday 26th August, the photos will be judged by the Create team. The five winners will receive two pairs of tickets to Brighton Mini Maker Faire and a discount code for 50 free (not inc. shipping) business cards from Moo. The overall winner will also receive a year’s free subscription to Create.

6) Create will announce the winners on Wednesday 28th August through its Facebook and Twitter profile.


Terms and Conditions

1. The promoter is Create Internet Ltd, Unit 5 Westergate Business Centre, Westergate Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 4QN.

2. The promotion is only open to UK residents aged 18 or over, excluding employees of Create Internet Ltd and its agents.

3. The Promoter’s decision is final and binding. No correspondence will be entered into.

4. The Promoter reserves the right to offer alternative prizes of equal value if, due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, the stated prizes are no longer available. No cash or other alternatives to the prizes are available.

5. By entering the competition and submitting their images and details to Create, entrants agree that these images and details can be published on the Create website, in its press releases, on its Twitter stream at, on its related online platforms and on the online platforms and press releases of its partner, Brighton Mini Maker Faire.

6. By entering winners agree that if they win they will participate in any reasonable publicity arranged by The Promoter or its agencies.

7. By entering the competition, entrants agree to be bound by these rules and by any other additional rules and requirements set out in the competition’s promotional material. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the prize. No correspondence will be entered into.

8. Each entrant is entitled to a maximum of one entry to each competition.

9. The Promoter or its agencies accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage suffered through acceptance of the prize.

10. The Promoter or its agencies will not be responsible for the non-inclusion of entries as a result of technical failures or otherwise, including any such failure which is within the control of The Promoter or its agencies. Proof of submission of entry is not proof of receipt of entry.

11. The Promoter reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any person it finds to be tampering or to have tampered with the running of the competition, or to be acting in violation of these terms and conditions.

12. To the full extent permitted by law the Promoter will not accept liability for any loss, damage, injury or death arising from this promotion beyond its reasonable control.

13. The promotion shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.

14. The competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

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Maggie Philbin and Bill Thompson to Chair Debates at Brighton Maker Faire Mini Conference

Since announcing the makers for this year’s Maker Faire, we’ve been busy working on another exciting layer of the event – the mini conference. This programme of talks and debates runs alongside the main exhibition day on Saturday, and is a way for makers and those passionate about making to share their knowledge, ideas and opinions with the audience.

We couldn’t be happier about this year’s speaker line-up, which includes high profile names from TV and radio alongside acclaimed artists and makers. From conductive paint, digital pyrotechnics, toys of the future, and 3D printing, to the Raspberry Pi phenomenon and the art of metalworking, the conference will address the latest thinking in the world of makers, and give you – the audience – the opportunity to ask questions and get involved.

Maggie Philbin, presenter of BBC TV programme Bang Goes the Theory and Founder of Teen Tech, will chair a debate about ‘Making for Social Good’, exploring how the spirit of Maker Faires could be transferred into the school curriculum and whether the government’s latest proposal to get five year olds into programming is a step too far.

Bill Thompson, BBC News Online Technology columnist, pundit and presenter of BBC radio programme Click, will chair a debate about ‘The 3D printing revolution’, to find out whether the hype around this industry is justified and whether it does have the potential to trigger the return of the cottage industry.

For Willard Foxton, a TV producer and journalist, this might be one of the last debates he takes part in. In 2012, he issued a challenge that the first person to 3D print a firearm was welcome to shoot him with it. Later this year he’ll travel to Texas to make good on that promise. His scepticism might have gotten him into serious trouble, but hopefully his wit will help him survive the trip to the US.

Another highlight will be a talk from award-winning digital artist Seb Lee-Delisle, who is the brains behind the famous PixelPyros – a digital fireworks display projected onto a large screen, which the audience controls with their bodies through motion detection sensors.

Jon Mills, one of the most influential UK makers of the last 30 years, will talk about his career as a metalworking artist, and, as age has caught up with him, the emergence of his alter ego “Mr Watt Grumpy Man of Metal”.

The conference is a great opportunity to hear from those on the cutting edge of the maker community and is guaranteed to give you some fantastic dinner party conversation starters! You might also pick up a few tips and tricks from the people behind famous arts or maker projects and innovative start-up companies.

Entry to the conference is included in the ticket price for the main Maker Faire, so grab yours before they run out! Tickets are on sale here:

You can find the full running order of talks and debates with background information about speakers and panellists here:


Founders Room at the Corn Exchange


11am-5pm, Saturday 7 September

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Call for Volunteers – Be Part of the Brighton Maker Faire 2013 Team

Over two years of Maker Faires, our visitors and guests have consistently told us how much they love the event, and the secret ingredient that has made it so amazing is our army of of enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate helpers. With seven weeks to go until the 2013 event, now is the time to make that call – We need you! We’re looking for volunteers who can give us a day or two of their time to help with logistics, ticketing and information, assisting and feeding/watering makers, and also people with educational experience to help visitors understand the more complex projects. You can Sign up here, or read on for more info…

An educational interpreter and Maker together at the 2012 Faire

Educational Interpreters work alongside Makers, getting under the skin of the Makes, and helping all our visitors get the most from the day's experiences.

We’ve a range of roles that we need some help with. If you have a background as an educator or in science communication, you might want to try being one of our Educational Interpreters – bedding in with a Maker team for the day, and helping visitors understand the principles of the science and engineering in the Make. We’ll run some sessions ahead of the weekend sharing best practice in story telling and communication, so not only is this a brilliant way to get really into the heart of the Maker Faire, you could even learn some great new skills.

If you want a bit more freedom to roam around in a volunteering role, then you may want to be one of our logistics helpers. Ensuring that the Makers have the support they need to set up, and stay fed and watered is a crucial part of the event, and one we are consistently thanked for putting so much effort into. If you’re helping out in this area there’s a good chance you’ll be working closely with dozens of makers, and of course helping any visitors in your area with queries. You could end up covering for a short while on a stand too (if you’re comfortable with that) as the call of nature must be answered!

As a ticketed event this year, we’ll have a much busier front desk, so we’ll need volunteers to help here with information, timetables, directions and more general enquiries. Since we expect this to be pretty intense, a good sized team here will be essential. We’ll make sure everyone gets enough breaks to explore the Faire themselves – after all, you need to know what you’re talking about. All the volunteers will get free entry into the event, will be provided with refreshments and (once we have tidied up!), have free entry into our extraordinary after party.

So, tell your friends, students/teachers, colleagues- we need volunteers, and we need a lot. You really are the secret ingredient to the best Maker Faire, so come and join us! More information, and the sign up, on the Volunteers page.

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Line-up and Tickets for Brighton Maker Faire 2013

For the third year in a row, I have the great pleasure and privilege of sharing with you some of the treats that are in store for visitors to the Brighton Mini Maker Faire in September. I hope that once you’ve read this, you’ll be as excited as me, and will rush to buy your ticket before they’re all snapped up.

If you thought you couldn’t get any more exciting than last year’s giant Scalextric track powered by cross-trainers or the ping pong table that made soundscapes as you played, then get a load of these babies. A giant knitting robot, laser printed trains, a 3D body scanner, and a social media powered photobooth are just some of the highlights we’ve got lined up for the event in September.

For those who haven’t been before, Brighton Mini Maker Faire brings together makers of all kinds – from arts and crafts, to technology, engineering and electronics, to DIY, woodworking and metalworking – to demonstrate and share their craft, and allow visitors to have a go at making something themselves. We always try to create an event with as much diversity and breadth as possible, so that everyone who attends can find something to delight and inspire them.

Because the event has been such a success for the past two years, this year we’ve decided to run it over two days, with the usual interactive exhibition on the Saturday and a day of more in-depth bookable workshops on the Sunday, to give people more opportunity to really get under the skin of making something. Here’s a bit more detail on each day…

Saturday 7th September – Interactive Exhibition at the Corn Exchange, 10am-5pm

£5 (£3 early bird booking for adults until 31st July), kids FREE (with ticket)

On Saturday we’ll have a similar format to previous years, with hands-on stalls, inspiring talks and mini making sessions for all ages. To give you a flavour, here are just a few of the things you can expect to see…

Break the Mould – an interactive installation where visitors can get a 3D print-out of themselves
Agnes Robotknit – a life sized humanoid knitting robot who can knit by hand like a person
Thonk – learn how to make your own suitcase synthesiser
Laser-scanned, 3D Printed Trains – 3D printed model train kits
Robots for Everyone – how to make your own robot from bits you have around the house
Recycled Paper Books – a workshop where you can make a new book out of an old magazine
The Marvellous Mechanical Yarn Emporium – draw it, scan it, knit it!
The Great Leathercraft Revival – come and make your own belt, dog collar or iPad case
Socsnap – a Raspberry Pi based photo booth
Sock Monsters – bring a pair of old socks and turn them into a monster

For the complete line-up, visit the Maker page.

Sunday 8th September – Workshops at the Dome Foyer & Bar

Ticket prices vary per workshop
On Sunday we’ll be laying on more in-depth making sessions where you can book in advance to learn new skills and make something useful, artistic or outlandish, including robotics, printmaking, stained glass, felt-making and up-cycling. Stay tuned for more details and links to book for these.

Spread the word

Help us make this year’s event a big success once again, by sharing this post with your friends and contacts. You can namecheck us on Twitter, we’re @makerfaireBTN, or invite your friends to the Facebook event.

Get your ticket for Saturday now while the earlybird tickets last:

Eventbrite - Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013

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Last Call for 2013 Makers – Applications Close This Friday

This week is your last chance to put in an application if you want to be a maker at Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013, because our call to makers closes on Friday (7th June). We’ve had some great applications so far, and are super excited about how this year’s event looks likely to shape up, but we know there are still other amazing makers out there who could help make it even bolder and better than the last two years.

If you are one of those still deliberating on whether to apply, or this is the first you’ve heard about it, here are the top five reasons we think you’ll love being a Maker at Brighton Mini Maker Faire:

1. Share your passion – In our experience, most makers are highly passionate people who can enthuse endlessly on their chosen skill or craft. Maker Faire gives you an amazingly receptive audience to do this with, in one of the most passionate environments you could imagine.

2. Inspire young minds - A lot of kids and young adults come to Maker Faire, and are deeply inspired by what they discover there. Your presence at Maker Faire could be instrumental in striking up a lifelong interest in someone who may go on to be as skilled and passionate as you one day. Wow.

3. Meet other makers – It’s a very sociable event, where you will meet likeminded people who love making, too. You may learn a new skill from a fellow maker, strike up beautiful friendships or make productive business connections. There will be beer afterwards, too.

4. Get feedback and new ideas – The nature of Maker Faire is much more interactive and hands-on than any traditional craft fair or tech show. You will find people eager to hear about your budding projects and to give you their thoughts and creative input on whatever you’re working on. Many of them will follow you on Facebook or Twitter afterwards, too, or want to visit your web site for more information.

5. Have fun (LOTS) – The main feedback we’ve had from previous makers and volunteers is that they have massively enjoyed being part of the event, and got a real buzz out of it. Most of them have applied to come back again, so they must really love it!


Whatever your making skill, passion or idea, we would love to have you on board for Brighton Mini Maker Faire 2013. Don’t put it off any longer – get your application in here: before Friday 7th June. That’s THIS Friday!

If you’re not a maker, but you know someone who is and might like to apply, please share this post with them.

A reminder of the event dates…
Main event: Saturday 7th September 2013, 10am to 5pm.
Workshops day: Sunday 8th September 2013, 10am to 5pm.

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