Brighton Maker Faire announces line up

We’ve had a record-breaking number of applications for our fourth Brighton Maker Faire, which will take place on Saturday 6 September 2014 at the Corn Exchange in Brighton, East Sussex.

The Brighton Maker Faire is praised as one of the most interactive, innovative, educational and fun family-friendly events of the year with activities for all ages. So, what do we have in-store for our visitors?

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Call for artists to help launch Young Inventors Centre

The team of volunteers behind the Brighton Mini Maker Faire has been busy with preparations for the big day on 6th September 2014. This year, we will be launching the Young Inventors Centre at the faire with a workshop themed  ‘a Noisy, Wearable, Playful combination’ and we are looking for 12 artists from the South of England and North of France to take part and run the workshop organised by Exploring Senses and supported by ReCreate.

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Meet the sponsors: Bare Conductive

Bare Conductive make electrically conductive paint and a range of creative kits. Whether you are interested in graphical wiring, paper switches or integrating sensors into your craft project, Bare provides a platform to get you started.

Bare have taken an exciting turn this year with the launch of their first piece of hardware – the Touch Board. Stop by the stand to see how the board can connect to anything conductive to create unusual instruments, light switches and proximity sensors. It will make you completely reimagine electrical interfaces! You will also be able to pick up the products at the stall and ask any questions you might have about what’s on show. Can’t wait til September? Check out the video below to find out more:


Thanks to Bare Conductive for supporting Brighton Mini Maker Faire over the years – and for making cool stuff for makers to play with.

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Blending Art with Technology at the Brighton Festival

One of the goals of Maker Faire is to blur and break down the boundaries between ‘art’ and ‘technology’ – to us, and to many of our Makers, the two fields are complimentary rather than mutually exclusive. When you combine the traditional theory and practice of art with opportunities and ideas introduced by new technology, magical things happen: knitting robots, musical ping-pong tables, 3D printed sculptures – all are a result of technology plus art.

So it’s delightful to see the incorporation of science and technology into respected and popular works in the traditional art world. This weekend marks the end of the annual Brighton Festival – an internationally renowned arts and culture festival – and this year’s program featured some intriguing and hugely enjoyable interactive works which were created at the intersection of science and art.

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Maker Submissions are now OPEN!

We are pleased to announce that Maker Submissions for the 2014 Brighton Mini Maker Faire are now open! This year’s Mini Maker Faire will take place on Saturday the 6th of September at the Brighton Dome Corn Exchange.

From DIY microscopes to CAD workshops, intros to wool felting to underwater robot demos, we’re looking to showcase the rich cornucopia of projects from Makers all across the UK.

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