HAC:Manchester – Manchester Hackspace

Tags: 2011 arduino arts crafts electronic hackerspace hackspaces sciences

Project-a-Sketch: Crossing childhood nostalgia and modern technology, the project a sketch uis a giant version of the Etch – A – Sketch drawing toy. http://hacman.org.uk/project-a-sketch
H2audiO: H2audiO is a water-based theremin. It uses a running stream of water and the conductivity of the user’s body to make music! http://hacman.org.uk/the-h2audio
Twitter drummer: It plays the drums when people tweet certain words! http://wiki.hacman.org.uk/Twitter_Drummer
Water Chimes: A small bath of water that makes a a windchime-esque noise when you move you hand in it. http://www.paulplowman.com/projects/water-chimes.htm

Read more about this maker at http://hacman.org.uk