Antweight Robots

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Antweight robots are 150g versions of the 100kg fighting robots seen on Robot Wars. Started in 2000 by robot builders who found it too cold in the winter to work on heavyweight robots in the garage, these tiny robots can be built and driven on the kitchen table.
The robots are radio controlled and built from scratch using standard radio control model parts.
Friendly competitions are run regularly at venues around the country with the Antweight “World Series” being run three times a year. With 70 or more robots battling for the coveted AWS trophy it’s a busy and exciting day.
In addition to the 150g weight limit, the robots must fit into a 4 inch (10cm) cube. Despite (or maybe because of) these restrictions robot builders use their ingenuity to produce a vast array of designs featuring a variety of weapons including flippers, lifters and spinning discs and drums. Some builders have even managed to get powerful pneumatic systems within the weight and size limits! Although small, the robots really pack a punch and cause as much damage and mayhem as their bigger counterparts.
Whilst a basic robot can be simply built from little more than cardboard and standard radio control model parts, there is no limit to what can be used, including 3-D printed plastic parts, titanium and kevlar armour and custom electronics.
The antweight builders’ community is organised around a forum: Please visit the forum to find out more about building robots and forthcoming events. To see the robots in action at several recent competitions, please visit our YouTube channel

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