Etch a Sketch on Copper and Clockwork Jewellery

Tags: copper craft etching jewellery

A simple electrolytic etching technique for copper is demonstrated. You will be invited to sketch a design to be etched onto the copper and then watch as it is etched. A salt bath is used with two pieces of copper acting as the electrodes. The piece of copper to be etched is covered with a resist (stop out varnish or permanent ink, for example) and used as the anode (the positive electrode). Copper areas that are not covered by the resist will then be ionized and go into solution, thereby being removed from the surface and creating an ‘etching’. These copper ions will eventually deposit at the cathode (the negative electrode, i.e. the other piece of copper).

I will also be exhibiting and selling my handmade jewellery and accessories. These are made with recycled materials including watch/clock parts and antique/vintage odds and ends. Each piece is unique in that it is made from found materials which are generally one-offs and each forms a ‘piece of history’.

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