Faulty Dog

Tags: arduino av electronics music

Faulty Dog is the digital media art collective of Maff Littlemore and Richard Davis. After meeting on the MA DMA course in Brighton, the artists continue to hack and rebuild familiar found objects, giving them a new lease of life using electronics and technology. Playful and nostalgic, these objects allow the user to interact, to be creative and connect with digital media in simple and familiar ways.
An artist and musician, Richard Davis increasingly uses technology in his performance as well as his digital and installation art. Re-appropriating old musical instruments, Richard creates interactive experiences with light and sound, sensors and space. His process frequently uses DIY electronics, Arduino and Max MSP to make pleasing and tactile user interface objects.
Maff Littlemore is a retro junkie, collecting nostalgic design objects and altering their purpose. From a wireless radio that secretly records it’s listener to a telephone that controls sound and video, Maff explores the role of the user within media, and distorts the role of the device in our everyday lives. His digital art uses projection, webcam and microphones to create immersive interactive installation. His process uses audio, video and open source programming platform Pure Data to make playful yet thought provoking interactive experiences.

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