What’s a Maker Faire without makers? This year, we’re cranking it up with more makers and workshops than ever before. We’ve managed to find all sorts of undiscovered spaces in Brighton’s Corn Exchange to fit in the brightest and best line-up we’ve ever hosted.

Some of our favourites

It’s always difficult to pick a favourite, and a big part of Brighton Mini Maker Faire is the surprise when you see what people can create. But here are some projects we think are definitely worth seeking out:

Lots Of Robots

Lots of fun robots including: Onya the Dalek, made for the Dr Who feature film ‘Devious’;
Kyodai the farting mechanoid; dancing traffic cones; Henry and Hetty the vacuum cleaners; Olby the spy from BBC’s Holby City; Big Brother and Bigger Brother from Robot Wars; and a robot car made for BBC’s Top Gear.

Jelly & Marshmallows

Jelly & Marshmallows (otherwise known as Simon Jelly & Mark Mellors) have been bringing their crafty creations to Brighton for years, including balancing robots, cardboard wind tunnels and sparks created by water.


If you go to a Maker Faire, definitely make time to take part in a workshop – it’s one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you can have. Here are some you’ll find this year that we know are good ‘uns:

Needle felting

The Big Top: Needlefelt your very own big top-themed ball. As always, lots of fun for all the family – just like the real circus!

Soldering is easy

Soldering Is Easy!: Learn how to solder with simple kits that you can make on the day or take home and assemble yourself. Last year’s LED Super Mario badges were super popular!

Lego Robots

Curiosity Hub: Wild Animal Robotics Workshop: What exactly is a robot? Find out as you assemble and program a ‘Hungry Alligator’ robot using Lego WeDo robotics kits!

And here’s the complete list…

  • Soldering Is Easy!
    Amazing new kits for people of all ages to assemble at this year’s Brighton Mini Maker Faire or at home.
  • SocSnap
    SocSnap is a Raspberry Pi and Twitter based social picture device.
  • Carbon Frog
    Open source products for 3D printing and electronics.
  • The Wet Felting Experience
    The ancient technique of wet felting using just wool, soap and water to create your very own work of art!
  • Superpants
    Exploding paint, funky foam and new and interesting things to do with scrap materials.
  • Bare Conductive: Interactivity Everywhere
    Bare Conductive make electrically conductive paint, maker kits and accessible hardware to use on your creative electronic projects!
  • Rebel Legion Elstree Base
    Star Wars Costumers and enthusiasts who make their own costumes to wear at events and help raise money for charity.
  • Lots of Robots
    Including: Onya the Dalek, Kyodai the farting mechanoid, dancing traffic cones, Big Brother and Bigger Brother from Robot Wars.
  • The TIM Project
    Learn how computers work by building them out of parts you have lying around. Featuring TIM8, the world’s smallest 8-bit relay computer.
  • Carduino
    Helping to inspire a new generation of engineers, Carduino is the curriculum friendly all-in-one kit for building & programming a 3D printed remote controlled car.
  • Amateur Radio Digital TV
    A Ham Radio Digital Television transmitter using both Linux and a single board software defined radio transmitter.
  • DIY Electric Cars & 3D Printers
    How to convert a fossil fuel car to an electric car – proof that even a non-technical enthusiast (like you!) can make it happen.
  • Woodworking Basics
    Absolute low tech with wood and hand tools. Possibly a drill or two…
  • Marvellous Mechanical Yarn
    A creative display of alternative yarns, unusual knitting and crochet projects and demonstrating the “draw it, scan it, knit it” hack on a Brother 950i knitting machine.
  • The Big Top
    Needlefelt your very own big top-themed ball. As always, lots of fun for all the family – just like the real circus!
  • Amateur Radio
    Amateur radio club based in the Worthing area.
  • I Can Make
    3D printable model kits which teach children about the engineering of the future through the engineering of the past.
  • Young Inventor’s Centre
    A live pop-up miniature maker-space. Play, explore and make things!
  • Antweight Robots
    Radio-controlled full combat robots limited to 150g weight and must fit in a 10cm cube. All the excitement, damage and mayhem of the Robot Wars TV show on a table top!
  • Hover Crafty Critters
    Ever seen a hover frog, bug, or gecko? In this workshop you will make a simple hover craft and decorate it to create your own gliding critter. Materials are provided – just bring your creativity!
  • Cracking Mosaics
    A great opportunity for children and adults to have a go at constructing a framed mosaic design from pre-cut tiles.
  • We Just Like To Make Stuff
    We just like to make stuff! Rope making, lights, games and robots.
  • Just Add Sharks
    Just Add Sharks show off home-made laser-cut things including a hands-on marble machine kit and an Etch A Sketch laser-cutter controller.
  • SMT Soldering CNC
    SMT soldering isn’t that daunting but often you feel you need an extra pair of hands when hand-soldering surface mount components. This semi-automated CNC gives help exactly where it’s needed!
    Ever wanted to make your own game, but didn’t know how? Come along and check out a cool video game maker project that lets you make a game in seconds, then learn how to completely tweak and edit it.
  • Doodlebags
    Doodlebags create a range of unique bags and accessories using upcycled textiles. We are as passionate about reusing and recycling as we are about the exquisite fabrics we work with.
  • Spherical Pacman
    Play a game of Pacman like no other! On a sphere!
  • BlinkStick
    BlinkStick is a USB-controlled smart pixel.
  • WLTM/ake Art/Tech Meet-up
    Monthly meet-up in Brighton for artists, technologists, designers, makers to meet, make, collaborate.
  • The Boom Box Project
    An interactive DIY paper boom box that uses conductive ink technology and bluetooth to stream music from your phone.
  • Underwater Robots
    Remote operated underwater robot built from simple to obtain parts. Play with two micro ROV’s in a tank and see an example of an OpenROV and new autonomous Raspberry Pi-based underwater robot.
  • 3Dprinting4Sustainability
    Why not use FREE precision components (discarded packaging) to create more desirable, complex 3D printed products? The Zaphod 3D printer and reusable packaging can help save both money and our planet.
  • Everyone Can Program
    Teaching children to program without a computer through the essence of programming: asking the right questions, inventing solutions, then experimenting, testing, and verifying.
  • Recycled Paper Woven Envelopes
    Using unwanted paper and old catalogues, Artworks will show you how to weave a simple but beautiful envelope shaped basket.
  • Chikai
    Innovative, geeky and artistic creations using mainly Crochet/Amigurumi techniques.
  • Fabsterdam
    Fabsterdam will show the complete 3D printing process: different filaments that can be used, how a 3D printer works and how to treat the printed results to give them a smooth finish.
  • Make a Ring Workshop
    Have a taste of jewellery making by creating your own silver ring with jewellers Scarlett Erskine and Leanne Evans. Learn the basic skills of jewellery by making your own silver ring to take home.
  • Draw-Robot
    A robot that draws on paper! Tell it what to do by writing a program of instructions to draw shapes or patterns.
  • Minipatisserie Polymer Clay Workshop
    Make your own polymer clay charms which can be made into key rings, jewellery, magnets or bookmarks, with lots of tools and decorations available to use.
  • Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace
    A variety of projects from the Surrey & Hampshire Hackspace.
  • The GloohBaah House Projects
    Stamp slogans on silver ring blanks, decorate a felt badge/brooch, or use colour changing inks to decorate mugs.
  • Curiosity Hub: Wild Animal Robotics Workshop
    What exactly is a robot? Find out with Curiosity Hub as you assemble and program a ‘Hungry Alligator’ robot using Lego WeDo robotics kits!
  • Handbound Notebooks
    Using traditional bookbinding techniques, learn how to make a pamphlet style, fabric covered, hardbacked notebook.
  • Jelly & Marshmallows
    Jelly & Marshmallows have been bringing their crafty creations to Brighton for years, including balancing robots, cardboard wind tunnels and sparks created by water
  • DIY Microscopy
    The DIY microscope was a massive hit on its first outing at BMMF 2013. This year it’s further refined and better than ever! There’ll be kits available as well as a few surprises on the stand.
  • Tetra Pak Wallets
    A workshop making wallets from recycled tetrapaks. All this technology comes at a cost, and that is rubbish! Come and make something new from everyday waste.
  • I-Saweering: Custom Design
    Fashion engineering and custom design – a unisex approach to customising clothing: use imagination, re-invent practically, hack/repurpose existing clothing and embed wearable tech to illuminate embellishment.
  • BuildBrighton
    Build Brighton is a communal workshop and collective of makers, designers, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, artists and hackers.
  • RLab & TVRRUG
    Combined entry from RLab (Reading Hackspace) and Thames Valley RepRap Users Group.
  • 22shoe Skate Invention
    A shock-absorbing steering mechanism for roller skates, resulting in amazingly fun skates and a wonderful form of transport!
  • MechaPoet
    MechaPoet the rhyming robot is an attempt to save humanity from the drudgery of writing verse.
  • Monomatic Experiments
    Ben Lycett & Lewis Sykes of the electronic arts collective Monomatic share a collection of their recent studio experiments exploring sound, vibration, light, lasers, magnetism and gesture.
  • DIY Ghettoblasters and Audio Furniture
    Hand made portable party sound systems and discrete sound systems built into furniture – by Bend Audio Projects in collaboration with Luke George.
  • Electronic Cartographies
    Electronic Cartographies is a project that aims to create functional maps for electronic products, through the use of conductive ink.
  • So Make It
    So Make It, the Southampton Makerspace, bring their 1:1 scale remote-control Dalek.
  • Denise Bones
    A walk-about skeleton, that’s (almost!) anatomically correct.
  • Mirobot
    Mirobot is a build-it-yourself WiFi robotics kit that helps kids learn about technology, engineering and programming. It’s open source and was recently funded to over 500% of its goal on Kickstarter.
  • Science in Stitches
    Science in Stitches re-imagines our beautiful universe through crafts such as sewing, knitting and crochet.
  • Delta1 3D Printer
    An open source / open hardware precision engineered 3D printer for hobbyists and professionals.
  • Art at Work
    Art at Work students will showcase the Lego robotics workshops and craft products that they have designed with practitioners from Curiosity Hub and Arthropod Arts.
  • Mechanical Art Workshop
    Connect art and technology by making a moving toy or automata.
  • The Crafty Robot
    The Crafty Robot presents Fizzbit, a new way to add movement and excitement to your paper toys, 3D printed characters and other craft projects – all entirely without batteries.
  • Cube-Cola Lab
    Cube-Cola is an open source Cola Drink, made in a domestic lab and distributed worldwide as a kit. Come along and see them making Cube-Cola from start to taste!
  • Knitting the Map
    Exploring local history and traditional craft by knitting the 1792 Map of Brighthelmstone. Knitting history!
  • Mendathon
    Brighton Repair Café and Restart Project are joining forces to help you learn how to repair your stuff; from socks with holes in to broken iPads, let’s see how many things we can repair in one day!
  • Vis-usual Spin
    A one on one guided spraypaint experience.
  • The National Museum of Computing
    The National Museum of Computing works on historical education using real working old computers you can play and program on, from an PDP-8 to BBC Micro to Commodore 64 and others!
  • Sew Fabulous
    Sew Fabulous is a community interest, not for profit company offering sewing and textiles classes and workshops for children, young people and adults.
  • Small Machines
    Small Machines are a range of self-build hydraulic project kits using syringes and water to move all parts. Designed and made in Sheffield they are challenging and creative fun for enquiring minds.
  • Electrochemistry
    The science of electrochemistry! Make your own battery! Electroplate a coin! Make poisonous chlorine gas! Power a light bulb using fruit! Split water into explosive gases!

Phew! That’s our list right now, but we always manage to squeeze in a few last-minute surprises. If you want to meet all this lot, you really need to get yourself some tickets!

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