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Irregular as Clockwork

A demonstration of the fascinating engineering that goes into a simple mechanical clock. How do pendulums, escapements, gears and hands all work together to keep time?

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SoniSphere is a musical interface that is controlled via the movements and gestures of the performer. The project combines hardware modification with the composition and performance of digital music.

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Fuzzy Folk

New: ‘Fuzzy Folk’ Felt Kits – Make your own Fuzzy Friend! Simply sew together 100% wool felt and stuff with Sussex wool provided. All you need is a needle & a few pins. No machine necessary.

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BlinkStick is an open source smart USB-controlled LED pixel designed for hacking. Works on all popular operating systems, embedded devices, and Raspberry Pi.

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Native Hands – foraged from the urban jungle

Make useful, colourful containers, recycled from stuff you’d usually throw ‘away’ – tetrapaks, newespaper, telephone wire, drinks cans.

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