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Design and decorate your own charm from a selection of miniature cakes and pizza slices.

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Antweight Robots

Miniature radio-controlled combat robots. Robot Wars but on a very small scale – robots must weigh less than 150g and fit in a 10cm cube.

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SolderSplash LAByrinth

A classic marble labyrinth with a modern twist. You can’t touch it to control it and it’s two player! Can you achieve the fastest time and beat your opponent!

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Agnes Roboknit

Humanoid knitting robot that can knit with its hands like a human.

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Local Raspberry Pi user group – plan to show off Raspberry Pis running various popular and homebrew projects

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Marcos Scriven – OpenSCAD tutorial workshop

OpenSCAD is a free and opensource application for making 3D models. Find out how to use a tool like OpenSCAD, and why parametric modelling is useful in general.

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Recycled Paper Books

Making books from recycled papers, take the book home to use as a secret diary, note book, sketch book or whatever you want!

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A range of projects themed around fluids, games and lighting, a mix that defies easy description………

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Socsnap: ‘social pictures’, A raspberry pi based, social media activated photo booth.

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Karen Rao – Felt a Sporting Ball Workshop!

Follow the ancient art of wet felting to create a fun hand felted ball using just wool, soap and water! Use a ball pit ball as a base but I will also have the ever popular Brighton Rocks for you … Continue reading

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