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Theremin style device

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SoniSphere is a musical interface that is controlled via the movements and gestures of the performer. The project combines hardware modification with the composition and performance of digital music.

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Thonk is a Brighton based outfit that design DIY synthesiser kits. Come and play our suitcase synthesiser for yourself and learn just how easy it is to start building your own.

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The Augmented Tonoscope

The Augmented Tonoscope is a new hybrid anlaogue/digital audiovisualisation instrument. It makes sound  visible as physical patterns on the surface of it s drum-skin, but also augments them with real-time computer animations generated from mathematically derived virtual models of … Continue reading

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Mon Violon d’Ingres

A Violon d’Ingres in French not only refers to Man Ray’s famous photography but it also means a hobby. This installation allow to play music with a human body and it is as interesting to interact with it as it … Continue reading

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Meet the Maker: Nomadic Sound System

Last year at Brighton Mini Maker Faire there were a fair few musical makes dotted around the place, from the Blipbox to a subsonic submarine to a stringless ukelele. This year we wanted to do a bit more with the … Continue reading

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After Dark: The Brighton Mini Maker Faire After Party

We just can’t get enough maker-action around here. After the Brighton Mini Maker Faire finished up last year, the makers and team headed down to the pub to unwind after a hectic day of crafting and tinkering, to have a … Continue reading

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